Listener set up for ipv6

I have never used CyberPanel or Open-Lightspeed before

For listeners lightspeed comes set up with listener for IP4 and Cyber Panel found my lone IP 4 address and applied it to the domain I’m using my hostname/fully qualified domain name.
I tried following the directions for 2nd ip address set up, I tried setting up a listener for ipv6 as that is what I want to use for my websites. but it just has so I got to thinking it must be a DHCP auto ip setup on my VPSserver. I went and pulled the ip 4 and 6 info for the ethernet port that is used and sure enough it’s using RockLinux 8 version of DHCP set up. I can go find instructions on setting up IP4 and 6 in static format so CyberPanel can see the ipv6 addresses. However, I’m just curious, If CP can find ipv4 addresses when the vps is running ipv4 in Dynamic assignment why can’t it find ipv6?

I am just curious about the tecnical side of things that prevents find ipv6 when they’re set up in network manager dynamically.

Thank you