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Hello. How can i install joomla. In the apps i can’t find it!

you can install joomla manual

i dont know remote installatron will work, because i test for wordpress i got failure lol

It looks like there is not an option but like MyIDKaTePe user say u can manually install it. here are the steps to get it done

  1. Go to the left menu in Cyberpanel and select WEbsites and then click on CREATE WEBSITE and fill all the information on the form that will show on the right. if you doing a domain select all options on step 7 on image. if is subdomain I dont think u need an email server.

STEP 2***********
login into your public_html file using an FTP CLIENT server software like FileZilla or use the better way Cyberpanel. By going to the WEBSITES tab and select List Websites. a list of websites will show if you have any if not it will only show the that you have created. then next to is a link named FILE MANAGER click on it and will take you to the domain directory and then click on your and look for PUBLIC_HTML and open it .

it will contain some files just leave them in there. and inside this PUBLIC_HTML file is where you going to upload Joomla file installation download it from here and place it into PUBLIC_HTML and before you uncompress the file go to another tab and visit you have created and it should show it like this

************************STEP 3 ****************************
We are going to create a database
Click on DATABASES TAB and CLICK on create a database.
Select your domain name created before like
and enter a database name
user name
make sure you save all this information because you will need it on Joomla installation to be able to connect to the database.
then press CREATE DATABASE. a message will show indicating that the database was created and yes this is how powerful CYBERPANEL is.
to make sure the database was created click on the menu on the left where it says DATABASE again but now click on PHPMYADMIN and it will take you to the the page where you will be able to see the databases. i don’t RECOMMEND you make changes or delete something from there just open it and look for the database that you have to create it should show the database name. just close it, please.

*******************STEP 4 ********************
Installing Joomla and connecting it with the database created
ok now go to the file i mentioned above PUBLIC_HTML it should be inside your domain name or if you use an FTP CLIENT just use the image above as a reference to get to it.
Once you are inside you will see the compressed file unzip it with cyber panel options. it will extract all the files and ones is done. goto your and you should see a page like this.

fill the forms
name of your site in this case I named demo Joomla

then enter a username and password that you going to be using to login into Joomla website(your

now enter the information you saved when you created the database.
enter it correctly if not will not Joomla installation will not be able to connect to the database and load all necessary files and data to it.

****STEP 5
it will show you that you have properly installed now right-click on the OPEN site to open it on a new tab and OPEN ADMINSTRATOR to start having fun with Joomla enter your user and password that you entered in the beginning of Joomla installation and you are done my friend. Congratulation now you have superpowers. THANKS TO the SUPER POWERFUL CYBERPANEL. is awesome. have fun. im learning like you so dont worry im on your side. we will get there.


Please follow the steps @MyIDKaTePe provided


@axiomteck not me

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