It show only Index Of/

Hello All,

Anyone have a solution for this, after installing Mautic?
After installing on my domain I get this.
index.php and index.html are in the public_html

index of

  1. try refresh browser by using : CTRL + F5 (windows)
  2. ipconfig /flushdns (from windows cmd)
  3. you can test from GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring .
    it will display the screenshoot of your site

if number 1&2 result is same. and number 3 display the screenshoot correctly
then you have DNS Cache problem, it can be from your proxy/ISP

use file manager (you can see the complete file there)
to make sure…
create 1 folder e.g. foldername : mysite
create index.html there with text


test just browsed it

if it working
then that is only DNS / CACHE Problem

Hi MyIDKaTePe,

  1. I did CRTL + F5
  2. GTmetrix, my site ( not came visible
  3. Add an index.html to a seperate Folder (mysite) in the public_html of my website: Came back as “Not Found”

check your NS… pointed to your Cyberpanel or not ?
–or IN A to your IP–

that mean is not same address with your new index.html ← is this your cyberpanel server that hosted ?
because i found Login - CyberPanel ( IN A

also you must check this

2 IN A address ?
it will make confused

fyi: = cpanel not cyberpanel

Hello MyIDKaTePe, so according to you it is because of the DNS?
Sorry, I’m a lightweight in this area.
Putting physical websites in the DNS still works but virtual (VPS) ones don’t work so well yet.
I’m going to take a course on Udemy.
Could you tell me what I need to write in the DNS of my host provider and what I have to delete?
Thank you so much!

you want to point domain to cyberpanel using NS or IN A ?