Issuing SSL not working after changing VHost's webroot

Issuing SSL works fine for the cyberpanel site itself, but for other sites I cannot issue SSL.

Running in terminal shows it fails to verify.

I think the issue is that its placing the token in the wrong directory because I’ve changed the web root via VHost config from /home/user/ to /home/user/

How can I make cyberpanel aware of this change?

I tried the solution posted at SSL and vHost relationship - #2 by AnAlien but it didn’t work either.

edit 2
I got the above solution to “work”, in that I can access I had to modify a .htaccess file in (the web root).

Still get invalid response though when running from terminal :\

edit 3
Looks like the command I was typing was incorrect. One of the arguments is the directory to save to token to - after putting /home/mysite/public_html - I got success - however, when accessing the site via chrome - it still shows up as not safe somehow :\

  • Thanks in advance.