Issues with timeouts after cyberpanel update to 2.1.1

Hello everyone,

Hopefully someone can help me out. Ever since I updated to the latest cyberpanel 2.1.1 my server has been plagued with timeouts every few hours. It is driving me nuts.

Downgrading back to 2.0.3 didn’t seem to help either.

Does anybody know what can be done about this?

Same me. My websites sometime cannot access after I update to new version.

The Uptime Robot notice me about website down and up.

Well a quick update from me. After blocking xmlrpc.php requests for wordpress sites and resaving the .htaccess files things seem to have become stable again. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back.

Maybe someone can use this as well to block the xmlrpc.php but only if your sites don’t make use of the xmlrpc functionality. Add the following to the .htaccess of your site(s).

order deny,allow deny from all

Ok I spoke to soon, it seemed to work but am getting the same results again :frowning:

Ok I couldn’t figure out what the exact issue was and have installed a new fresh Ubuntu 20.04 server with cyberpanel and transfered all site backups. It isn’t the solution I was looking for but now everything is working as it should. Hopefully future updates won’t give the same headache

I have been using CyberPanel for 2 years and now I will say goodbye to it. I’m switching to aaPanel and it’s really getting better. You should try!

Not sure if it helps but I had a similar sounding issue… went into website then file manager, hit fix permissions.