Issue with Nameservers

Hey, i am a Web developer. Currently using Hestia CP to manage my hosting requirements but recently the features of Cyberpanel caught my eye so I am testing it in a private server.

The immediate issue I faced is that I can’t connect the Panel with my Domain. I use Porkbun as my Domain Registrar. I’ve set my Glue records there to and and pointed them to the server ip. Then in Authorative Nameserver I set ns1 and ns2 of my domain

In CyberPanel, I created a website with my domain then under DNS> Create Nameserver entered the same domain details with ns1 and ns2 pointing to the same server ip

At last I went to DNS> Configure Default Nameserver and set them to ns1 and ns2 with my domain again

I’ve waited over 48 hours since and my domain is still not pointing to the server. What am I doing wrong?

P.S. they limited to only 2 links per post so I couldn’t type the domain after ns1 and ns2 here but in the actual nameservers it’s ns1 followed by mydomain .com

Edit: I issued Hostname SSL for my domain as well

Bump! any solution?

From what I found. I apparently don’t a DNS server running. Is it possible that somehow DNS service stopped on my server?