Is it possible to use CYberPanel with our own litespeed enterprise license?

We have our own litespeed own license can we use it with cyber panel?
Seems it is not possible and only way to use it is to pay for for CyberPanel bundle which already includes licenses which we already have…
Any suggestions?

For those wondering… adding own litespeed license to CyberPanel will result in an error and forcing you to upgrade to Bundle.


Owned licenses do not work with CyberPanel, you need a license with CyberPanel bundle.

Ok thanks… Time for another panel then I guess :slight_smile:

This seems kind of crazy to me, that if someone already has an owned license for LiteSpeed they can not use the native panel without abandoning that license. Surely there should be some kind of way to just pay the additional yearly or monthly fee for CyberPanel ?

I am sorry but CyberPanel for now don’t have an owned license.

I will talk internally to see if that is possible.

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