Is CSF (LFD) actually working? Need your feedback

Hello Folks,

Yesterday I tried testing LFD & it does not seem to be working. I tried 20 times failure attempts on port was then I was still able to log in on 21st times. My IP was not blocked.

Do we need to configure LDF additionally? Do we need to do anything after enabling CSF?

Here is the status of my LFD download — ImgBB

Thank you

If you set your CT_LIMIT to 20 (or however many attempts you will permit) and CT_PORTS to 8090 that will limit the number of attempts to that port. If you want to also multiple logins to port 7080 (OpenLiteSpeed) add a comma then a space and port 7080 after adding 8090 to CT_PORTS. eg: 8090, 7080

Changing the CT_BLOCK time will determine how long the IP is blocked and turning on CT_PERMANENT will block the IP forever.

Be sure to whitelist your IP in CSF to prevent being locked out.

Finally, restart CSF & LFD after making changes and testing your settings.

Thank you very much I can see my CT_LIMIT is “0” which means this feature is disabled. I will tune CSF now. Thanks a lot