Invalid domain error with the dash character in the second level domain


I had not this problem with older versions of CP:

The creation of a website named “” would not run. It displays the error INVALD DOMAIN if I try to create it with “Create website” or with “Add domains” from a website panel. Replacing the dash with %22 in the second level domain is not working either

On the contrary “” would run fine.

Can it be corrected?

I use Cyberpanel 1.9.4 ; can you test the creation of a website named like “withsub.domain-and-dash.tld” and tell me if it is creating it or returning an INVALD DOMAIN" error ?

I am having the same issue when attempting to create subdomains.

To which version?

I have upgraded to the latest version and I am still receiving the same error message (I am now on V2.0)

I’m still not able to add subdomains? Could you please help with this?