internal links and images are giving 404

I have installed a wordpress and it is giving 404 on all internal links CSS and images files…

but all files existing in the corresponding path correctly,

May I know what could be the issue.
I have verified ‘Virtual Host Mappings’ is correctly mapped.


Please help

Also I found another thing the name wp-content is the issue,
when I rename the folder wp-content to any other name it works .

I can access any images places inside that folder

for example

I have an images places in the following location/ link ----> gives 404

and when I rename the folder wp-content to any other name say ‘mm’ -----> works fine

it works fine…

what could be the issue,
Permission and ownership everything is same… and the name with wp-contents simply not working

anyone can help out of this ?


did you check your permalinks and htaccess rewrites?

yes, I already did that…

did you try this is in another browser and/or clear your browser cache and cookies?

the other thing I can think of is something like a plugin that maybe protects this folder if named that or if you exceeded the Litespeed Enterprise license domain limit and its maybe blocking that?

no, I’m using openlitespeed… I has tried from different browser its not a cache issue…

anyway let me try something…