Installing Wordpress in Child Domain

HI, I am a beginner user coming from cpanel… I have just installed wordpress on a main domain,… and I am expecting to launch a different website on a child domain known as sub domain in cpanel… I have created the child domain but I can not access to the child domain website and I can not access to the child domain wordpress install. Please help… I was expecting to launch some WordPress websites on different child domains

Websites → List Child Domains → Manage → Install WP just like you did with main website.

Thanks for answering! Sure I have already done that, it seems to work… What is not working is the child domain address… When I visit the direction is not working… I have trying to configure dns but I am not sure what i have to do

I see what could be the problem now… I tested creating a new child domain to see if a new one works, and it is working fine… So I think I did something stupid creating the first child domain, maybe bacuse i created it in a custom path… I have been deleting this subdomain and adding it again and it is not working either… Sadly this child domain has the keyword I need the most… Please help