Installing Bcmath PHP Extension

How do I install Bcmath PHP Extension on Cyberpanel please?

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Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/managephp/installExtensions and install any extensions

lsphp81-bcmath extension is not found, please how can I fix this?

Install using (for Ubuntu or AlmaLinux)

$ dnf install lsphp81-bcmath || sudo apt install lsphp81-bcmath

Thanks, I already tried that, I keep getting ‘Unable to locate package lsphp81-bcmath’. Any other way to fix it please?

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Details about os version and cyberpanel version would really help

it is straightforward to install, but you must understand that if you’re using Apache as a reverse proxy, install it from Manage Apache Extensions by selecting your required PHP version. (refer screenshot shared by @josephgodwinke )