Installing a laravel app but getting 404 and 500 error

I am trying to install an app on a child-domain ( So that means that the root document would be I drop in the app files in that directory.
After that I change the CHMOD of the folders that I need to change to 755. Once I do that the devs of the app say the following:

Changing the public directory IMPORTANT

Configure your web server’s document / web root to point to the public directory of the software. For example, if you’ve uploaded the software in folder, your web directory should be changed to folder.

You can find more info an how to change your site Document root over at:

  • For custom servers / VPSs you will have to change your DocumentRoot out of the site’s virtual host file.

I go in to the child-domain settings where I can change vhost conf and rewrite rules, I go into vhost conf and I change docRoot from /home/ to /home/

Finally I try to enter the site using but I am getting a 500 error.

Not sure whats happening. Please help.

the problem is with vhost conf and rewrite rules and changing root document. when i change the root document from root to, i get 500 error

i tried using the solution usmannasir wrote here BUT no effect. the domain has SSL

i have to drop the whole app into and the app has a public folder which has to be the root directory so do i change the vhost conf or do i use rewrite rules to make it work? why doesnt changing vhost conf rootdoc fix this?

@usmannasir @shoaibkk can I get some help here? Would really appreciate it.

Right now I want to have the laravel project on a subdomain/child-domain for staging and then I will move it to a website in CyberPanel so it will be in a directory for

Problem is how to make it so that with SSL it reads from the /public folder instead of the /root folder

vhost conf is set by default by cyberpanel when creating child-domain

htaccess empty in folder

images for the folder and for as also htaccess for

Can you please share error logs first

DMed you @shoaibkk