Install Issue (Ubuntu doesn’t boot after restart)

Hi, I manage my server box via proxmox and if I ever try to install cyberpanel it works absolutely fine on the Ubuntu 18.04 server until I restart the server in which it will never be able to boot again. I assumed it could be a firewall issue, however even the panel itself can’t be opened after the restart and I had to roll it back to a backup prior to install. I have tried to whitelist the proxmox ports on the web panel prior to the first restart (as I can use everything as long as the box never restarts after the install) but when I then restarted it to test it still wouldn’t boot. If you have any advise that would be greatly appreciated and feel free to ask questions if you need more information from me.
Regards Luke

Is this openvz?

Similar premise but no,

That is the link to their website
Basically it creates a virtual machine mine created an Ubuntu 18.04 machine and I was able to make it have a unique IP (that’s working perfectly even with setting a domain to it) I was able to access the cyberpanel panel fine until I restarted after the install