Install amazon SSL for cyberpanel

When i install amazon ssl for website, website can’t display content, it shows 404 error even though the SSL is working.
Thanks for any helps

May i know how you are doing that?

test your ssl here : SSL Certificate Checker - Diagnostic Tool |
create new file test.html/… write some word inside that file
then open websitedomain.tld/test.html
it it works… delete htaccess


do this before you install wordpress…
last night i cannot using server SSL until limitation reached… so i use cloudflare temporary …
i dont know is that related or not.

  1. I created Target Group type Instances.
  2. I created a Load Balancer and selected the previously created target group
  3. I created a certificate corresponding to my domain by AWS Certificate Manager
  4. I created distribution in Cloudfront, in the Origin domain I choose the ELB created earlier
    In the section Custom SSL certificate - optional I choose the certificate created earlier
    Finally, I created a record in route 53 corresponding to my domain.

maybe SSL is still working fine but maybe it’s blocked somewhere so I can’t access the website

maybe… im not pro… but it’s reason able… since that happen ( i found it) at latest build
and that happen to all new domain that i add to my cyberpanel manually

not restore backup not remote backup. manual add website…
but still im not reported it yet… i wait until someone have same problem and/or i try to update the ssl again