Information request about cyberpanel email blacklist security

hello, how can we prevent our server ip number from being blacklisted for e-mail, can you give us information on how we can configure it?

Very simple don’t send any spam.
If you do any kind mailing list use list that actually your site visitors sing up. Don’t use any harvested or buy any dodgy mail list, those will get you blacklisted right away.

I run mail server only for server with own websites where I have full control to know no spam go out from my IP. Never had my IP black listed.

If you run server where you can’t controll if spam is send. Then better use third party mail provider, that will save you lots of hassle to make sure mail getting delivered.

Actually I would suggest cyberpanel devs take option install mautic out, to discourage people sending spam.

I don’t know what mautic is, I’m setting up a new zero server, although there is no e-mail output with a clean ip number, the server ip number falls into the black list, after a certain time and mail sending fails. How can I solve this problem because the ip number is blacklisted?

Only reason it get black listed after certain time is there is spam detected from your IP.

You sending news letters/mailing lists?

We do not output mail, I set up the server, after an average of 1 week, the ip falls into the blacklist, all sites are our own sites, there is no one to spam