Incremental Backups ignore retention and never get deleted

I set up the incremental backups because they were supposed to use up less space, but they never got deleted and ignored retention completely, so they quickly filled up the server and now I have hundreds if not thousands of backups I cannot possibly delete manually.

I really need a way to automatically delete old backups and also I want to be able to adjust retention time and for it to work and do it’s job, I already had to scale my server up because of the backups using up too much space, and now it’s almost filled up again and I had to stop further backups.

Thanks in advance!

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No one else with the same problem? Has it been fixed yet? What do I do???

I still have this issue, was anything done about that problem?

What type of destination you are using?

local, my server got almost full and I had to stop the backups
It’s still almost full, by the way, since I have no way of deleting everything manually

There is no updates from CP but you can Run following commands
rm -rf /usr/local/lsws/logs/*
rm -rf /home/domain name/incbackupfoldername

Create cronjob with following command
restic -r pathogtheincbackupfolder --password-file /home/domainname/domainname forget --keep-last 15 --prune
Note:15 mean last 15 snapshots

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try doing that! I have like 30 domains+subdomains there, and I had enabled incremental backups in all of them, so I’ll have some work to do, but it’s better than not having any way to make backups or delete them, so, thanks a lot!!

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