Imunify360: lscpd, lsphp and mod_security = False positives or infected?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been running Imunify360 on my vps, and 5 files has been founded as “malicious”:

/home/[my user ID]/cyberpanel/lscpd-0.2.7
/home/[my user ID]/cyberpanel/lscpd-0.3.1

All are tagged as “php_malware.id_SMW-HEUR-ELF”

Is there any chances the files are really infected?:astonished:
How can I make sure there are okay?

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Hi, the best way to check if the files in question are malicious is to install a fresh copy of cyberpanel on a new vps and then compare files between these two servers.

Hope that helps. Cheers!