Impossible to install remote sql with cyber panel

I followed the official cybperpanel tutorial and also tired other variations such as bind It is impossible to get a remote sql installation. And the user which is created during installation runs on a public IP rather than on a private IP. Firewall is completely disabled. I basically ran the installation against a wide open server. I have seen this issue is coming up quite a bit. Is it somehow possible to change the database IP later on and do first a local installation? This is kinda important hence i like to believe a lot of people trying to run a remote sql. Please advise thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Any specific reason to go with remote sql?

To answer the question : loadbalancer , 2 web servers , 1 emote database + backup database. Very classical setup. Is there any fix you can recommend ?

You mean to say is when you run cyberpanel installation script and select remote sql, it doesnt let you connect to the remote server?

It does. I also ran a connection test before. There are 2 issues it get access denied at one point during the installation and a sort of phython related error which I assume is related to the connection error during the installation. The error originates from some weird user setup cyberpanel does by itself. Means it adds a new user called cyberpanel with first of all an external ip rather than the private ip I gave during installation. And than I assume the newly added user doesn’t get the right permissions assigned during the installation. It could be also that the created database for cyberpanel during the installation doesn’t get the right permissions. I have seen similar post already here in the forum. They basically mentioning the same issue

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As I have never tried remote sql in cyberpanel I am not aware of any issues with respect to this particular issue and hence I cannot comment anything on it. I will try remote sql whenever I get some free time to check things out.

For now, what you can do is post this issue with all the relevant details, screenshots and steps you did
The developement team will look into it and fix if there is indeed a bug.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Where do i post this? I would first need to rerun it hence i already have deleted it.

I have already provided you the link in above post. Please read carefully.

I have the exact same problem!
Did you know how to fix it?