I have a problem with postfix when using quic.cloud CDN

Hi Guys,
When I activate the quic.cloud CDN from their control panel I start having issues with PostFix. I can send emails but I stop receiving ones.

Is there some solution to this problem I presume it has something to do with the IP addresses being changed from the CDN and etc?


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where the main dns for email are hosted?

Hello @shoaibkk, currently the DNS is hosted on my server. I have made a GLUE record on the registrar page, so I can control the DNS from my front-end.

Ok the problem was obviously in using a CNAME as a method for confirmation the use of QUIC.CLOUD dns servers. There si obviusly no way to tell the quic.cloud servers that you want them to propagate the mail IP so it does not change.

Now I tried using their servers for DNS records and everything is working fine. Well I am going to use this method then, it really does not matter if I am going to host the records or not so np.

Thanks anyways.