I dont understand programming but... how if

how if version check get info from online…not from script, that will make automatically “get latest version” without changing the branch from installer or upgrade

I don’t really understand your point here.

Where online do you mean?

Are you saying that you would want updates (latest commits not actual releases) to be installed automatically?

i dont understand programing

version check using local script
why not just
get $lates_version from API CALL or something else (im just regular user)


first of all these are not scripts, these highlighted lines are just strings.

Secondly, this is not a “version check” as you say. This is just the version number of the current cyberpanel version, hardcoded in plain text inside the Cyberpanel files.

To understand it, think of this:
If an API call was used for getting the latest version each time, then even if you dont update Cyberpanel, the version in dashboard will always show the latest version! So, latest Cyberpanel may be 2.3.2 now, but next year will be 2.5.2 for example. So, next year even if you DONT update Cyberpanel, the dashboard will make an API call and show the latest version, 2.5.2, which is totally wrong.

Now, if you mean include the latest version in the install or upgrade scripts, they both do that exact same thing. They interact with the latest version available on github, by default.

Hope I’ve helped! Regards!

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thankyou for your explaination about what is script and string… thankyou not mention array and other stuff
fyi i made my own mIRC client at 16 years old… and my last project is building AI the real AI not just … if this than respond thislist… that was 3 years ago… so it think i know what is array string … they all still in one body… called script

ok skip that

that what i mean… better to put … $check api_version than change the version number
small human failed will came
just like 2.3.1 that should 2.1.3 :slight_smile: lol

i really put big hope on cyberpanel even that small mistakes, will not miss from me…
at least until today…

not 100% :slight_smile:


I am sorry but I cant understand your English, I cant understand your points, and I cant understand your explanations.

I hope someone else can help you, because I can not. Also, I just replied to your questions with detail, trying to help. Please be polite and try to dont bloat the community with personal and irrelevant topics.


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yeah sure…
my replied got hidden … lol

ok then…
thank you

i will more careful to discribe script aray syntax function

because 1 person not understand will make the truth became wrong

describe which one is personal ?
and irrelevant ?
what i post are from official github…

or because you cant understand then that became a mistake? became a irrelevant ?

One problem, and the main reason why I would not like to have a realtime self-updating panel, is for example the “PHPMyAdmin” error that occurred.

If you have something always fetching the latest version possible, it’s more likely that you will be affected by a bug, without even knowing when it got there.

I recommend (except if it’s an exploit correction) to wait some time (2/3 days is fine) to make sure that the update is stable and no issues arose, that saved me a lot of headaches over the years.

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hhhaha you are right :slight_smile: