I can't login to email from snappymail interface after update

I did the last update and I can’t login to email from snappymail interface after update

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3
Current Commit: eb9eafd4daef7b244fb590c830e3fb3a8d5818f6


[2023-01-27 22:30:44.230][e3f68731] JSON[INFO]: {“Action”:“Login”,“Result”:false,“ErrorCode”:102,“ErrorMessage”:“”,“ErrorMessageAdditional”:“Cannot enable STARTTLS.”,“epoch”:1674858644}
[2023-01-27 22:30:44.230][e3f68731] [INFO]: Memory peak usage: 2MB
[2023-01-27 22:30:44.230][e3f68731] [INFO]: Time delta: 1.0004200935364
[2023-01-27 22:30:44.231][e3f68731] IMAP[INFO]: Disconnected from “tcp://localhost:143” (success)
[2023-01-27 22:30:44.231][e3f68731] IMAP[DEBUG]: 0.99910092353821 (net session)

Try run update script again.

There doesn’t seem to be an update but I ran the update anyway and the result is the same. I’m still getting the same error.

I am facing the same error after the latest upgrade.

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Happy New Year @doonfrs @maxwell

You should try these steps SnappyMail admin password reset - #2 by seanfitz09

The idea is if you can access admin then you test imap and smtp from there and any other configs fixing anything that does not look right

Have a nice day, after updating to CC: eb9eafd4daef7b244fb590c830e3fb3a8d5818f6

I’m having the same problem. It is a web access only.

Imap, pop, smtp via external client work.
Unfortunately none of the advice described so far has worked.

The error message is Server message: Cannot enable STARTTLS.
But the cert works when it correctly verifies the connection through the external client, so I used the regenerate option anyway. But the problem must be something else.

I had problems with this back in November, and somehow I finally solved it, I just can’t really remember how :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have any relevant ideas. Thank you.

Have a nice day,

I’m having the same problem.

It is a web access only.

Welcome @FacundoNazar Happy New Year

See it has been answered here

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Here is another solution

Good morning, thank you very much, this solution worked for me.