I can't login to all of my wordpress website? can someone please help?

i dont know why i can’t log to all of my wordpress websites, it’s just keep refreshing and returning back to admin login. hope someone can help me.

You have multiple sites with same issue? Maybe reboot server first if that helps.

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Just try in different browser and in incognito mode and see if this happens there too.

If using cloudflare, disable the orange cloud proxy for now and see the results.

Let us know how things are going with above steps and we will further guide you.

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Thank you so much for your help, rebot the vps server or rebot cyberpanel?

I have tried uing different browser, incognito, my phone, but nothing work, the issue is related to all my 5 website. no one can log, it keep refreshing and then back to wp admin log in

Try restarting the server just in case.

If possible do send me the login detail of any one of the wordpress site where it has issues and also the cyberpanel login details in private message (not here). Also make a backup of your server before sending the login details for safety.

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Hello, thank you for your solution, i just restart my VPS service, and i have fixed the problem. But i noticed that my website load slow due to the 100% CPU Usage

Check whats the issue for 100%cpu usage


Use the above command to see the list of process which are using more cpu