i can't figure out how to ssh into the root directory of the website

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i can’t figure out how to ssh into the website directory
i know im looking for /home/your_domain.com/public_html
but i can’t find the home folder in ssh

after i cd in to cyberpanel i have the following options, but i still can’t find the home directory
0001-fix-some-issue-on-self-signed-cert.patch cli CPCent7repo.json cyberpanel_utility.sh examplePlugin IncBackups loginSystem manageSSL preUpgrade.sh skin_customizations userManagment
AllCPUbuntu.json CLManager CPScripts databases faq.sh index.html lscpd-0.2.7 packages README.md static version.txt
ApachController cloudAPI CyberCP dns filemanager install mailServer plogical requirments.txt test.php websiteFunctions
api CLScript cyberpanel.min.js dockerManager firewall install.sh managePHP pluginHolder s3Backups test.sh WebTerminal
backup containerization cyberpanel.sh emailMarketing ftp LICENSE manage.py pluginInstaller serverLogs tuning
baseTemplate CONTRIBUTING.md cyberpanel_upgrade.sh emailPremium highAvailability locale manageServices postfixSenderPolicy serverStatus upgrade.sh