I am receiving a SnappyMail error on a single website


Cyberpanel bulut sunucum var cenos kurulu

1 aydır kullanıyorum her şey güzel çalışıyordu aslında şuan bile çok memnunum.

Toplamda 10 web sitesi barındırıyorum içinde paketlerimi ilk gün ayarladım eksik yok.

Son 2 gündür sunucunun ilk domain adresi yani admin olan domain webmail panelinden bağlanırken hata alıyorum. Fakat öteki siteler webmailden bağlantı kurabiliyor.

Dns ayarlarının hepsini kontrol ettim hepsi aynı yani eksik göremedim. Sadece admin domain webmail adresinde oturum açamıyor diğerleri açabiliyor.

Fakat admin olan domain bluemail programı ile webmail üzerinden kurulumu yapıyor.

Garip bir hata çözemedim :blush:


I have a cloud server with CyberPanel installed, running CentOS. I’ve been using it for about a month, and everything was working fine. Actually, I’m still very satisfied with it.

I have a total of 10 websites hosted on the server, and I set up the packages without any issues on the first day.

However, for the past 2 days, I’ve been experiencing an error when trying to access the webmail panel of the main domain, which is the admin domain. But I can still access the webmail of the other websites without any problems. I have checked all the DNS settings, and they all seem to be correct. I couldn’t find any missing configurations. Interestingly, I can log in to the webmail of the admin domain using the Bluemail program.

It’s a strange error, and I haven’t been able to resolve it yet. :blush:

The error that I have shown in this image only occurs on the main domain site, but the other sites load without any issues. :slight_smile:

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What error are you getting ? Post a screenshot here - the link above is dead I presume

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Thank you for your message. @josephgodwinke


Authentication failed
Server message: AUTHENTICATIONFAILED Authentication failed.

When I enter my email address and password in my webmail panel in my first admin domain address, this error comes up.

But all websites on my server can log in without any problems.

I deleted my admin domain address and defined it to the server again. I completed my dns addresses completely and the error comes again. :slight_smile:

But I can enter my emails with BlueMail or Thunderbird programs. My mails come very fast, I just don’t understand this error when entering from the webmail browser :slight_smile:

Admin : poyraz.web.tr

I exceeded the SSL limit, so I cleaned all the SSLs in the domain that is admin for him, and after waiting 1,2 days, I will set it up again.

None of these solutions helped ?


Post screenshot or

copy paste your mail logs or

just run this command cat /var/log/mail.err post here the results

Can you check if postfix and dovecot services are running ?