I am getting error like redirected too many times

After adding the sub domain too the subdomain is not opening.sud domain:rosm.sudipsharma.com.np.Please chekc that the problem on it.

Please share the whole details about the issue.

Thank you Sir for the reply,
As to tell about the problem that i need to host sud domain but after fullfiling all the seetign but the subdoamin cannot been hosted.And alawys shows the error that website is redirectes to many times.
So for this problem what the solution.

do you have any redirection? what is content in htaccess

No there is no any redirection.And in .htaccess there is no any content or codes.

  1. try to pause cloudflare services
  2. clear cache at cloudflare
  3. try to create 1 new file eg. test.html inside the public html
  4. try to access that http://your domain/test.html
    if it work… just delete the index.html because it look like you are already install cms

This might have something to do with that permission issue. CyberPanel upgrade or fix permissions from file manager should fix it.

I is very common problem that I face, when I create a new subdomain:

The solution is:

  1. Install SSL (in my case my SSL was already installed correctly.)
  2. Purge All Cloudflare Cache.
  3. Pause the Cloudflare.
  4. wait 2/3 minute to affect.
  5. Resume the Cloudflare again.
    Problem solved!