I accidentally removed files in the lsws folder - OpenLiteSpeed

I found problems with the accumulation of logs on the server, exceeding 20GB of data and I had to delete them, but due to a slight fail on my command line “rm -rf” occurred inside the lsws folder (and not only /log) now all my sites are down.

It seems that I removed the openlitespeed and was unable to turn it on again. Even on the panel: 8090 I try to start, but Action failed appears.

Could anyone help me with a solution for this? Or unfortunately I will need to redo my entire CyberPanel.

I have important sites that need to be online and I didn’t have the opportunity to back up.

Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance!

did u find any solution

If the files are gone there are no easy solution to get out of this situation.

  1. Either set up a new server.
  2. Or contact CyberPanel support

hi asma,
is lsws folder necessary…if the folder is deleted what might be happened?

/usr/local/lsws this folder contains all the conf files, lsws php binaries, so yes it is important and needed. Without this CyberPanel wont function

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i may be deleted lsws folder as my disk space was almost full…i use 10gb ssd… /usr, /var and swap consumes almost 7.5gb!!

Either set up a fresh server and move sites now or contact our team for paid support, because this is something way technical for you to handle.