htacces modifications and need for OLS restart

Totally new to OLS and CP…
I read that whenever I edit an htaccess file I need to restart OLS. I have root access and I can do that.
But what about (say) a reseller or user edits their Joomla! htaccess?

It is mentioned in multitude of places, just one:

I don’t know if the behavior changed in time thou.

I’ll test it and report here…

Thank you, I’m relieved. Most of the references are in fact related to DirectAdmin.
Probably problems that I’ve encountered are related to caching etc…
I’ll test on a bogus website whenever I have time.

I must say that I am confused and bewildered that a support person would say that you do not need to restart Openlitespeed to read a new or changed .htaccess file because you absolutely do. That is the difference between (free) Openlitespeed and paid litespeed enterprise, it does read new files without a restart. This is from litespeed’s website


“OpenLiteSpeed, our free, open source web server, is most frequently used for individual sites that don’t change often. This is because OpenLiteSpeed requires a restart to load any new .htaccess file.”

As it says Openlitespeed is ideal if you are running your own server and websites and don’t mind restarting after making changes. It is no use for hosting business where clients are making lots of changes. You need Enterprise for that.

The good news is that with cyberpanel you can restart OpenLitespeed from within the panel Server status → litespeed status where there is also an option to buy a license if your fed up restarting.

My apologies, I thought you were part of the Cyberpanel support team. However that is a fundamental feature of OpenLitespeed that people should be aware of.

Thank you for the clarification.

I was having restart-needed issues because I was moving my server to CP/OLS and dealing with htaccess changes in about 10 websites, also experimenting on them.

In the long run you don’t touch them for a long time. Also OLS may be restarting itself automatically (does it?) from time to time so the changes get applied.

As the documentation of CyberPanel is somewhat limited, these forums and the knowledge of people (you) became the main source of information.

So keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no it doesn’t restart automatically, if you reboot the server restart Litespeed manually in panel 8090, 7080 or by command line all changes made since previous restart will be updated.

The only way to have it done automatically in real time is to upgrade to Enterprise.

One way of doing it can be using a cron task at 04:00 am for example. Say, after daily backups, it might also lighten the load on the server.

I might also write a deamon to watch /home directory regularly for changes .

@bozden sorry for my ignorance, but what would this CRON command be like?

I did not implement/test it but the following might do it (that is if your system uses systemctl):

0 4 * * * systemctl restart lsws