How to use litespeed as reverse server instead of Nginx for odoo

I do a lot research on internet, until now no have articles or tutorials to use litespeed as reverse server for odoo, odoo is a wonderful ERP system, if could use litespeed together, I can’t imagine how fast it would be,

I was on the halfway of it, the idea is to use rewriting rule to redirect to odoo program, odoo is using 8069 port and I hide the port, it works, the problem I remains have no idea to make the site through the SSL which after rewriting rule is on, the SSL certification path also had changed
I referred this link How to remove port 8090 from CyberPanel - CyberPanel

Did you have any luck? I was just also looking and found this post, it may help you How to install Odoo along with Open Lite Spedd web server | Odoo