How to turn on Extensive Debug logs in OpenLiteSpeed!

Hello people!

If you are having any issues that you need to debug further with OpenLiteSpeed you will need to turn on the highest level of debug logs. First, you need to have access to Web admin console:

[Tutorial] How to setup and login to OpenLiteSpeed web admin console

Once you are inside Web admin console, you need to go to virtual host for which you need extensive logs.

Inside the virtual host, make sure that virtual host uses the “Server’s log file” and not its own log file.

By default it is set to No, change and set it to yes.

Afterwards, you just need to set debug level to “High” at server level configurations to produce detailed logs.

Server Configuration > Log

Make sure Debug Level is set to high, and restart OpenLiteSpeed. You can now see extensive logs at /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log

Note: It is recommended to turn to the highest level of debug logging once you have tracked down the issue.

Have a good day.