how to stop a new window opening each time i navigate to websites and file manager

Hi guys,
to start off on a positive note for my first post…i am really impressed with the visual interface on this control panel. Wonderful job.

Now for the bad bit…

is there any way of stopping new windows from opening all the time? I end up with that many open windows as i am going through the control panel to perform various tasks its driving me bonkers.

For example, i list websites (thats ok stays on same window), then select site to manage (a new windows opens), i click on file manager ( another new window opens)…i now have 3 open windows in my browser! Do we really need this…it annoys the absolute s$#t out of me.

If we get further votes on this, we will remove opening in new window.

Yes please stop the panel from opening new tabs in future update.

i think its ok for perhaps 1 additional level of windows to open(ie 2 windows max)…sometimes i think this is necessary to ensure if one stuffs up, one does close everything and have to log in again…however, 1 level should be enough.