How to solve /tmp 100% usage?

/tmp folder is 1.5 G by default. I also did some research and found that you can’t modify the size due to security issues.

Now the /tmp is 100%, which affects my website, How to solve this?

  • can I increase /tmp size?

  • Can i Create swap folder to be used when /tmp is 100% full ?

  • Is there any other option?

( please provide me with the steps for any possible solution)

I am new to linux, but I have dug into every post regarding this problem but I can’t find a solution!

Please help me, I don’t want to move my website to another hosting just to avoid this problem!

check this link:

you can make “cron job” to clean tmp file Daily, weekly, or when the server is restarted, There is an example inside the topic that you just have to modify or find how it works…

Also 1.5G Maybe your server is too small you should upgrade, Prices these days are very low relative to the specifications sold by companies I recommend “vultr high frequency” Especially since the cyberpanel can be installed directly by Vutlr and they have an agreement with them here…

Thank you, Yahya for your answer.

My disk space is 60GB, with almost 45G free. So the problem is not from my server.

The problem is cyperpanel set the size of /tmp folder to 1.5 G only ( and you can’t increase its space).


Regarding the link you provided, I have checked it earlier but I don’t have enough experience to modify the code in order to clean tmp folder instead of cleaning logs as the example showed.

Try changing the “Swapping Directory” in

You would have to stop lsws and move the default files from “/tmp/lshttpd/swap” to a new location.
I had to do this on one of my servers.

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Thank you bro, I have tried it and I will post the result soon.

Sadly, this didn’t fix the issue!

The problem still exists, any suggestions?

Check to see which folder/file is taking up the majority of space.

cd /tmp
du -ch --max-depth=0 * | sort -hr | head -n 10

From there you will know which program to look at or tweak