how to pass the SpammAssassin test for rDNS

I have configured my rDNS for IPV4 on my VPS at vultr.
When I do an rDNS test using mxtoolbox it effectively shows me my domain instead of

The problem I have is that I cannot pass the SpammAssassin test using the email verification service at

The strange thing is that it only happens to me with section SpammAssassin because in another part of the test it tells me that I am fully authenticated and it indicates that my rDNS points to my domain.

What did I miss? Will I also have to configure IPV6 on my VPS for pass this test? Or is it because I haven’t waited long enough for the changes to be reflected?

Thank you very much.

I think it was just wait for the rDNS to fully propagate because now it passed the SpammAssassin validation for rDNS.

Another thing I did but I don’t know if it was necessary (if someone wants to implement it) is to add the “” record TXT with parameter dkim = all to your DNS zone

According this it is to pass the test on SpammAssassin that says “DKIM_SIGNED”

Then you can try sending an email to “” and it should return the validation of the DNS record that you previously configured in your DNS zone