How to deploy a Next.js website


Can a next.js website be hosted and active in here?


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Yes you can. What have you tried so far ?

My next.js doesn’t have an index.html and when using the export command it gives an error that it doesn’t support i18next translation. Even after we remove the i18n package and translation support, the same error appears.

We have come to the conclusion that we need an index.html file should appear in the out folder, however if the index.html file can be generated in any other way please let us know.
Or if the web can be functional without the index.html file

We are thinking of hosting through a vps, but even that does not seem to be the correct path, since it can only host php or wordpress.

Are you deploying a static export ?

If by static export you mean i run build and then the build files i upload to the public folder, yes

Yes the build where command generates the files in an output folder using the distDir directive in NextConfig.

You should deploy this as a html website. Create a website and upload your files as you see them in dist or build folder to the document root.

That is it. You should see your website up and running.

I uploaded my build folder (it doesnt have a static folder though) and my page is still 404 (
I will include a list of files created after running build

I dont understand this file structure anyway you have to edit next.config.js to generate a static HTML build. Kindly consult the docs as this is not related to cyberpanel.

would you be able to check the files on the following link: GitHub - RikiRV/Career-Center-SEEU

In your next.config.js you have defined i18n thus this project cannot generate a static site or Single-Page Application that we can deploy as html website.

You would have to us an expressJS app or any other NodeJS app to deploy your app. Please try and let me know

Sorry for using this post but I am so lost with cyber pannel, is there a documentation to read about how to upload my Next js project or something like that? i can´t find nothing similar and using AI is not helping me really. I just “created a web site” but dont find how to upload all my files. I also already have my domain