How to create a redirect from Rainloop to Snappymail?

Hi, clients on my server have a link to email management through which they can connect to Rainloop (IP:8090/rainloop). According to the latest CyberPanel update ( v2.3.2 - Replace Rainloop with SnappyMail) Rainloop is removed and SnappyMail is used in its place, after this update the link (IP:8090/rainloop) no longer works (Not Found). What should be done to redirect customers using the old link (IP:8090/rainloop) to the new link (IP:8090/snappymail) ?

Figure it out myself. Solution:

In folder (in CentOS) /usr/local/CyberCP/public create new folder rainloop and add index.php file with this content:

<?php header("Location: YOUR IP OR MAIL DOMAIN:8090/snappymail/"); die(); ?>