How to Access Rainloop Webmail in CyberPanel

RainLoop is a simple, modern & fast web-based email client. RainLoop webmail was designed with efficient memory use in mind, so it can work fine even on low-end web servers. Regardless of mailbox size and number of mails in it, memory use per active user is always kept at a minimum, even when very large mails are processed. Which is why at CyberPanel we choose to ship Rainloop as a default webmail.

Step 1: Login to your CyberPanel Account

Enter username and password for the account where the domain is hosted, select language and log in. If you have created multiple user accounts then you need to be careful to log in to the correct account. After entering your user credentials you will see the page below:

Step 2: Select Email

Look for ‘Email’ option on the left sidebar. Select ‘Create Email>>Select Website>>Create Mail’

Step 3: Access Webmail

Look for ‘Email’ option on the left sidebar. Select ‘Access Webmail’, After click it will redirect to webmail (Rainloop) login page. Here you enter the email and password of your email you just created in Step 2.

Step 4: Setting RainLoop

In RainLoop you have following options in setting which you can change according to your requirement.

  • Language
  • Layout
  • Default Text Editor
  • Message on Page
  • Notifications

@usmannasir How can I access rainloop on an individual website subdomain e.g. [] also through https.

Also, what is the best way to migrate email accounts from CWP to CyberPanel. CWP uses Roundcube

You can access port 8090 via any domain that is pointed towards the server. However, only 1 domain will have a valid SSL because lscpd which runs CyberPanel can not have multiple SSLs.

how can I set the login graphic with custom background image and also the input link as ip: port / rainloop / index.php is not a nice link to see for my customers who will have to access the mails from rainloop.
Thank you

I’m creating emails as it say here, but when I try to access I’m always getting an Authentication Failed error. I’m 100% I’m using the correct credentials. How can I access to the email?

This is what I got everytime I try to access there.