How to access Cyberpanel API to Automate processes?

*********Information Request / HELP *************
Hello everyone, hope all your development and deploying going smoothly…
I have a question for whoever knows how to get it done.

We want to know if Cyberpanel has an API to create web pages from an application of ours, which we use for our clients. The idea is that when we create a new client with the business name in our application that Cyberpanel automatically creates the following processes with the information that we enter in our application.

  • Create a subdomain and automatically install WordPress.
  • Create an email address
  • Add FTP
  • Add SSL.
    and the necessary resources to create a web page from our application based on the information of our clients.

And how to activate it
Or how we can access the API

Hello. CyberPanel does indeed have an API.
If you have specific questions after checking this out please post them and the community will do its best to assist you.

Thank you for the information EdwardC I will check it out to see if we can implement it with the custom app thank you for the information.