How to acces website preview link and not by domain


actually when a site is under construction the domain may not be directly linked to this server.
domain can be linked to the actual website server.

i have an issue with the preview link, that is generated by cyberpanel


in other panels this preview link allows to work on the website without troubles until the domain is really linked to the server.

when i connecter to the preview link adress :

user get redirected to the main domain :

that can be on another server.

so it is not so possible to use cyberpanel as a dev/staging/backup server until website upgrade launch and domain redicection to this cyberpanel server

i think there must be a way to achieve that.

i am not a big user of cyberpanel
i am more used to plesk, virtualmin and clustercs

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Iā€™m trying to resolve this same issue. Other OS allow this. I thought editing the NS/DNS or vhost file would solve this issue.

Not great for developers.