How run a NodeJS app from a subdomain

So I have uploaded my node server on cyberpanel and it working on MYIPADDRESS:PORT
Now i want to connect my subdomain to this node server
so that i can access my node server through my sub domain
and my sub domain is on hostinger
so what might be the steps to do that

Hello @midnyt

I advice you first search the forum for similar topics before raising your own

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thanks for the reply @josephgodwinke but that’s not what i am asking
my problem is that currently my node server doesn’t have a domain name, but in hostinger i have created a sub domain
and i want to assgin (connect) that sub domain to my node server

As quoted in that topic you need to first create a website on cyberpanel for your subdomain.

Secondly, setup your nodejs app via the ssh terminal under /home/ or where your document root is and assign a free port 3000, 3001, 3002 etc

Thirdly setup context for the app so that 123.456.789:3000 nodejs app is read by your users from

Kindy try these steps and revert back.