How recreate the folder default folder of root domain


Last week in accident I replace the huge log files of Openlitespeed in my Public_html folder

Now in my root of domain there is no folder ,

I can create the folder manually but I’m not sure is that true or not

Would you please tell me how to recreate the folder again?

use CLI
cd /home/domain/
mkdir public_html
ls -al /home/domain
ls -al /home/other-domain

then make chmod same like other public html
and chown

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You can create the floder but before doing that you should know the user and its group to assign that folder to that user. if you create the folder from file manager that will be ok and after creating check prmisions

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I crated from file manager , no one can see that folders but root user from cli can
Now I removed the site and install it again.

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