How many domains have you hosted the most with using Cyberpanel ?

Hi Guys,

Lets see who hosted the most and see how many production domains Cyberpanel can handle with a good CPU/RAM :slight_smile:

I have 70 at the moment, other then listing all users to do some changes it works pretty smooth. I have 32 GB Ram working with 10-12 % and 8 Core CPU sometimes CPu spikes to 20-30 % but mostly 5-10. SO i think I can see 200 with this specs but it can be really annoying to list all users to change ACL… I wish we could just do it from Modify user

is this with any kind of containerization or just default settings?

My initial question was about how optimized is cyberpanel?

Is it better to divide a Dedicated Server to VPS’s and keep smaller number of websites or have one big server and have all websites? I’m talking theoretically here to understand the optimization of cyberpanel and see how to get the best performance.

I have a server with 200 Primary Domains, and 300 child domains, around 500 total on it and it works pretty good, except some unfixable bugs started to happen such as

-Child domains no longer can be converted to the Main domain
-Can not forward emails for child domains
-Can not control child domain dns
-Sometimes SSL’s becomes a big problem but it can be from let encrypt side limitations I’m not sure

I guess something might have gone wrong with my child domains either I messed up somewhere.

Otherwise, performance is still astonishing so many users can use at the same time without any major issues

You’d add much more resource overhead by dividing into VPS. Cyberpanel is based on django so if you are talking about number of users on it, you shouldn’t run into issue with that.
Also as you add more websites, configuration file will keep growing so start and reload maybe get slightly slower but shouldn’t affect later performance. Issues you’ve mentioned also seems unrelated.