How I do to update DNS Record by API?


I’m using the API to create a record A on my server, works very well, a very nice feature. But it does not update the DNS Record A if I change the value of field “recordContentA”. If I delete the Record on Cyberpanel panel and re send the curl it will work.
How I do to update the value of the field “recordContentA” without delete the existent Record A ?
Example of my curl to update the record A:

curl --location ‘
–header ‘Authorization: Basic YWRtaWnjsahndoihdE3MDU4Nik=’
–data '{
“serverUserName”: “admin”,
“controller”: “addDNSRecord”,
“selectedZone”: “mysitecom”,
“recordName”: “ddns.mysitecom”,
“recordContentA”: “”,
“ttl”: 1400,
“recordType”: “A”


Thank you for your time.