How do I restore the backup?

How do I restore the backup?
I have three sites and I took backups of them.
How do I restore my 3 site

move your backup file to /home/backups

how to move

mv source destination
or using mignight commander

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how to write source destination

and How do I choose the site where I need to restore the backup?

Is there any tutorial with pictures or videos?

man… forgive ne
no offense…
but if you dont understand mv cp etc… you should try to install linux on your computer without focus on webpanel or webserver
try to understand about mv cp etc first. because you will find that command everyday…

Can you help me now I have work to finish and I will know for sure because I have to

You can refer this : Classic SysAdmin: How to Move Files Using Linux Commands or File Managers - Linux Foundation

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I will be try thanks :blush:

Thanks everyone for the help, I solved the problem by learning ssh .
If anyone here is new and needs a method, they should contact me


glad to hear that

have you try MC from ssh ?

(Mindnight Commander)