How do I disable automatic SSL renewal for websites

I’m pulling my hair out here. Since the last cyberpanel upgrade (community edition) SSL keeps automatically renewing for all of my sites. I use cloudflare and origin server certificates and I installed them manually. Cyberpanel keeps overwriting them, which breaks my websites. At first, it says, “has SSL from cloudflare inc.” In a few days this will magically change to, “has self-signed certificates,” and I can’t figure out what is doing this.

I have removed everything SSL related from my crontab and I keep removing the SSL info from my vHost Conf file, but it re-appears every refresh. How do I disable the automatic SSL renewal? I’m not sure where else to look.

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Really appreciate it. I actually removed those cron jobs last week and woke up today to find all my SSL had been switched back to the self-signed certs instead of my edge certs. Is there anything in vHost Conf I need to change?

No. Just do as advised in that topic. See if it works for you.

It’s all working now. What really confused me is that the manually added certs went into the etc/letsencrypt/live folder even though they are not from letsencrypt. My litespeed server is showing that the correct certs are loaded for each site, so it’s all good. We can close this. Cheers!

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