How can I reduce the number of emails and databases completely to zero?

I want it to be completely 0, not unlimited.
I tried to create it at -1 but failed to do so.
And I don’t want my clients to use SSH for safety reasons.
What should I do?

Hello @lps7

You want to deny your users the privilege of creating databases and email accounts ?

Yes, I would like to deny mail and database creation to clients who are using a specific package.

Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/packages/createPackage and set values to 0 for what you dont want your users to access

It doesn’t work well. I created a package with 0 FTP, 0 email, and 0 database, but in reality, clients can utilize 0 email address, 1 FTP account, and unlimited database .

Kindly follow basic instructions here How to ask for assistance?

Without cyberpanel version, server os we cannot do much here