How can I edit the server IP address if I created an instance from an earlier image?

I created an instance of a Digital Ocean droplet with CyberPanel using an existing saved server image.

Since the instance was created from an image, it is displaying the wrong IP address when I log into the console, and in the CyberPanel dashboard. It is displaying the IP address of the machine the image was created from, rather than the IP of the actual server.

I contacted Digital Ocean about this but they didn’t know how to fix the issue and suggested I ask here.

Where is the IP value of the machine located? Is there any way for me to manually modify the IP address and set it to the correct value? Is there some configuration file that holds this value?

Here is an of the issue. The actual IP is, the machine displays

Change it on /etc/cyberpanel/machineIP location.

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That worked, thank you very much!

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