How can i change the usage limit

Hello guys, how are you, I have a query regarding the permissible usage, in the cyberpanel it shows me that the limit is 1000mb of disk usage and 1000mb of bandwidth, how can I change these numbers knowing that the capacity of the vps server is up to 100GB, hope you can help me.

Welcome @Sajad Happy you are here

The values you have posted are values limited by single package. To change said values you need to visit https://SERVER_URL:8090/packages/modifyPackage and change Disk Space to 0 for unlimited (this will allow any website with this package to consume the whole disk) and Bandwidth to 0.

Now once you make this change you will see that said domain/website has 0 allowed (mbs) of bandwidth and space. It means it will consume the whole disk as provided.

grateful to you