How can I associate websites that already exist to my cyberpanel?


On my VPS server (hostinger) I already have some websites installed in /var/www , I installed cyberpanel because it seems to be the only way to add a subdomain to one of my website.

The problem is that when I go to my cyberpanel (the_ip:8090) I cannot see any of the websites (I expected this actually), so how can I associate websites that already exist to my cyberpanel ?

OS: Ubuntu 18
Web server: Apache2


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CyberPanel stores its websites under /home in any of the formats below:


You will need to create websites 2 - Creating Website for all those websites in /var/www and move all web files over using ssh terminal or vnc

Ok, thanks.

I have one small issue though, since I installed Cyberpanel, my websites are not accessible, apache2 seems to have been turned off (and I cannot manage to turn it on again) and Litespeed web server has taken over (I guess this is the webserver used by Cyberpanel ?). So, how can I turn off Litespeed server temporarely so that I can do other operations with my apache2 server ? (I could not find this on Google…)


You have to have a clean install of server os. With cyberpanel you cannot use multiple webservers. I strongly advice you download your website files and get a clean install of your server. Then install cyberpanel the recommended way here 01 - Installing CyberPanel

Ok thanks, one last thing, I understand that I can make a copy of my websites files, but what about my database (mysql) ? if I make a copy of it, I guess it’s easy to put it back into the Cyberpanel ecosystem ?

Yes just get mysql dumps of your website and import them after you create a website the cyberpanel way.

Sorry but very last question this time: installing cyberpanel also install a web server and everything I need to have my websites running ? (I am asking this because I am planning to completly reset my VPS to its initial state, then it would be great if I only have to install cyberpanel (and copy files and databases as said earlier)).


As seen there you do NOT need to install anything prior to cyberpanel installation. the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS are basic 01 - Installing CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community. Ensure the system requirements are met. Personally I recommend Ubuntu 20.04 or AlmaLinux 8.4

Ok, thanks

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