Hosting each cyberpanel service on a different server and having central panel management?


For scalability and security reasons we would like to host each of cyberpanel services on different server that is managed from central panel management. Is this possible to do?

Here is how our setup would look like:

  • 1 server for panel/management of all services for us and costumers
  • a few servers for hosting just websites
  • a few servers for hosting just databases
  • 2 dns servers (primary and secondary for redundancy)

Everything would be managed from central panel management.

We would not host email as we use other systems for email.

How would someone go about doing that? Is it possible to connect all this services together if they are installed separately on different servers?

Thank you for your answer and keep developing cyberpanel. Keep it simple!

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I would like to do something similar. No options for this?

My recommendation is to just use instead of cyberpanel. Much much higher quality panel. Unfortunately V2 of cloudpanel was not ready when I was doing a migration so for now I am stuck with cyberpanel. Just serving webpages have been quite stable on cyberpanel but if this breaks too I am migrating everything to cloudpanel. Just their documentation is so much better Introduction | CloudPanel | Documentation and their view on how the panel should be developed is superior E-Mail | CloudPanel | Documentation.
To me it looks like cyberpanel is trying to do everything poorly instead of focusing on making core features rock solid.

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Have been using cloudpanel also from quite some time, it’s great if you are using NGINX as web server.

CyberPanel is focused on Litespeed as web server in ther tech stack for me both seems to target different segments of users which prefer to use litespeed especially OLS which has the best free caching plugin for WordPress websites which is properly maintained.

I guess many WordPress users prefer using litespeed webserver over NGINX.