High cpu usage

Hey i have really high cpu usage with my wordpress website. Just installed it on a fresh server. Maybe its my sql Screenshot - 116e7b1df669d0885992f0ca62985016 - Gyazo user testy+53 what does this mean? already switched from elementor to gutenberg etc. my pagespeed is on the front-end fast. But the back-end of my woocommerce website is really slow. slow queries etc. When i transfer my website its fast for few hours and then it goes slow again. How can i see whats causing the issue in lsphp? I am already using redis and litespeed cache not much is working.

The screenshot is all fine.
Please check wordpress error logs to find the cause of your high load time. Also which hosting provider are you using? and what are your server specs?

Okay thank you, first used a digitalocean vps, now using a 4vcores 8ram vps, from contabo.

Contabo is known to have such issues due to their limited port speed and old server hardware.

Do you use any kind of security plugins like wordfence in wordpress?